Making time for what’s really important

I tend to make really long to-do lists and then feel like I have to get everything done in the same day. But I don’t, and this thought process keeps me from doing the things that bring me life and refreshment. This year, I am using a Passion Planner to scope out my year (or let’s be real – the first quarter of the year. It won’t magically turn you into a long-range thinker overnight). The process of setting goals, determining the steps, assigning times to each, and planning when I’ll tackle each one with a date on the calendar is extremely helpful, and I’ve found that I have more mental space and peace since beginning this practice. Part of this is because it takes me off my own hook of thinking that everything is equally important right now. Instead, I can say, “This is my priority for today,” and if that’s the only thing that gets done from my list, well, good. It was the priority, after all! The other part is that it keeps me from squandering my free time by scrolling through my phone. I can budget my time for the things I really want to do and then do them.

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