I’m Ashley, a web designer and developer, educator, and generally creative person.

I began learning to code in 2001 but decided to pursue degrees in education and English rather than tech. After teaching for a few years, I left the classroom to work at the state level of education as a project manager for an online assessment team. When our programmer, database administrator, and web developer all moved on to other jobs, I found myself working on our website and figuring out how our homegrown web tools worked so that we could keep operating as usual. It was the most exciting time in my career to date. Each new problem seemed to be a piece of a bigger puzzle, and I could put the pieces together. I loved it. The more I learned, the more I wanted to keep learning.

After my organization hired new tech staff, I knew I would not be satisfied going back to my project management role with less technical work. In February 2016, I found Skillcrush, and I was hooked immediately. I enrolled in one Skillcrush blueprint, and then another, and then another. I still work for the same organization, but now I freelance as a web developer on the side through my business, daffodiligent, llc. I also work on my organization’s site, and in 2015, I used my knowledge of our testing software’s APIs and my organization’s database structure to write the logical flow for an app that schedules students for tests. I plan to continue learning while looking for new opportunities to use my technical and educational skills.